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ENG - My thoughts at 2am

To you, From Cassiopeia

"Under the same sky,
dreaming the same dream."

We believe they are anything but Empty.

Those promising words
always echo loudly in our minds.
Keeping The Faith and our hope held high,
we wait for that Fated day.

You are our Ocean
and it's no deny that we are yours.
Of passion and love, that Red Ocean,
and those Big stars in the East,
We Are One And Only One.
So as you're Healing for yourself,
we will, eternally, Always There.

Keeping this incomplete Picture Of You,
we believe that one day
it will no longer be a Duet.
Because even parted,
you're still together, Heart Mind and Soul.

And we believe
after it's Rainy Blue,
there will be a Rainbow,
The perfect Colors, Melody and Harmony.

Then the Rising Sun will once again shine
upon this Purple Line.
So don't too quickly
say Love Bye Love.

There is No Gain to this White Lies,
so come Back To Tomorrow.
Even if it has Been So Long,
we won't forget.

You're our pride, our world,
Our Miracle...

VN - Y nghi cua ngay hom nay

Hom nay toi rat la met moi. Met vi toi da ngu khong ngon giat toi ngay hom qua. Met vi nhung su suy nghi trong dau cua toi hien gio.

Than la hoc sing cap 3 - gio dang nghi he - toi chang phai lam gi ca, chi lam viet nha va hoc bai.
Ngay nao cung nhu the, toi thuc day, an roi lam viet nha. Toi khong hoc bai ma chi biet nam do ma doi thoi gian tu tu troi qua. Toi biet no khong doi toi, toi biet ro lam chu. Nhung toi cung se khong thay doi ban than duoc cho du toi biet rang nhu vay.

Toi da lap ra nhieu viec minh phai lam trong he nam nay: hoc lai spanish, hoc ve co phieu, va on lai tat ca moi thu vi toi da quen nhung bai hoc ay tu lau roi. Toi noi toi se doc nhung cua sach hay, roi hoc them nhung dieu moi. Toi noi toi se tu hoc piano, tu hoc guita, va hoc them violin nua. Va toi da noi nhung dieu khac, nhung cuoi cung toi biet toi se khong lam duoc.

Da lau roi toi da khong cam giac duoc su hoan thanh cho ban than toi hay la niem tu hao ve mot cai gi do. Toi biet minh khong co it gi ca, chang lam duoc cai coc kho gi, va toi biet minh khong gioi o cai gi ca, nen toi rat lo khi ban be dan dan tien len trong con duong doi ma toi thi chi buoc di tai cho nhin ho ra di.

Co nhieu khi toi tu hoi minh, tai sao toi lai o day?
Va toi bay gio, toi van chua tim duoc cau tra loi cua cau hoi do.


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